2022 / 10 / 04  11:16

TV animation "Mamekichi Mameko: The Daily Life of a Neeto

Broadcast of the TV animation "Mamekichi Mameko Nito no Nichijo" has begun on Fuji Television Network's "Pop Up!

(It's also available on YouTube and other sites).


Saori Nishihara is in charge of directing all dialogues.


Please watch it.



Anime "Mamekichi Mameko Neito no Nichijo" official website

2022 / 04 / 17  11:03
2022 / 04 / 16  23:28

Trial version of "High School Sentai★Hoodie Girls" released on plicy.

The trial version (in Japanese) of Minaplus' game "High School Sentai★Hoodie Girls" is now available on plicy! (You can play it in your browser.)

Saori Nishihara also makes a small appearance.

There is a small announcement at the end of the trial version, so please play to the end.

Click here to download (in Japanese)

Introduction site (in Japanese)



2022 / 04 / 07  19:21

Saori's new information

The TV anime "Mahotsukai Reimeiki" will begin airing tonight on TBS.

(Please check the website for local broadcast times.)


Saori is in charge of directing all dialogues.

Please come and watch it.


TV anime "Mahotsukai Reimeiki" official website: TBS TV



2022 / 01 / 01  13:00

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Greeting

Happy New Year 2022!

I wish you all good health and happiness.

This year, I will continue to deliver my voice in Japanese to the world.




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