I can narrate in a calm and relaxed manner, and can act out multiple character voices.


I have been doing this job for 30 years now, and have received high praise for my work in commercials, news reports, comedy programs, documentaries, animations, e-learning, and corporate videos.


My natural voice is a little sweet with a medium tone.

I can be cool, sexy, masculine, a mother, a grandmother, a baby, a dog, a rabbit, etc. using my voice. LOL!


Soothing narration

Animal quiz show narration

Commercial (calm) narration

Little boy anime character

Commercial (Whisper) Narration

Commercial (shout) narration

Commercial (strange) narration

Narration of travelogue programs

Energetic character voice program narration

Energetic girl character program narration

Narration for documentary programs

Cartoon-style, dual roles: boy and girl

Character voice set: 8 Saori Nishihara, including grandmother and handsome style



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