Japanese Voiceactor, Japanese Voice-Over

Always have a sparkle in your heart.


My mumbling narration, which is popular for its soothing power, is used for "storytelling" in documentary programs, while my bright and cheerful narration leaves an impact in comedy programs and commercials.


Her calm narration is also in great demand for its stability, and she is used in many e-learning programs and corporate videos.

She can handle a huge volume of scripts in a relatively short time.


Since the Corona disaster, I have upgraded my home recording equipment and have started doing business not only in Japan but also in Europe, the United States, and other countries.


My motto is to provide a "sparkling voice that is easier to understand than anyone else's".


I made my debut as a voice actor in the TV anime "Lucky Star".

I have also appeared in many voice dramas and games.


I have been doing recitation as my life's work.

I am also a popular performer at "Saori's Storytelling Show☆", an event for children where I perform picture storytelling with a sense of realism, singing and playing with my hands.


My hobbies are watching plays (especially Takarazuka Revue), reading, and collecting red seals.



Here are some of the jobs I've done so far.

TV program narration

 NHK E-television "3 Months Topic English

 NHK E-television "Marutoku Magazine

 NHK E-television "Sunday Forum

 NHK BS1 "Sukoyaka Oriental" and "Handmade Oriental

 NHK "Beautiful scenery of Oita

 NHK Hi-Vision Special "Narukisuna - The Story of a Mysterious Beach

 NHK "Nippon Narukisuna Travelogue" (in Japanese)

 NHK "Kyushu-Okinawa Special: Tazome-Sho" (in Japanese)

 NHK "Earth Walker" (many series)

 NHK "The Professional" (many series)

 NHK "Technique - Kyokuturu" (many series)

 BS Nippon Television Network Corporation "Fascinating Indochina Journey

 Fuji Television Network, "Meza Niju" (live narration) 

 BS Asahi "Puchizou" (live narration)

 BS Asahi "World Heritage Site in China "Jiuzhaigou"" and many others



 Lucky Star" (as Yui Narumi), "Hard Talk Cafe", etc.



 Kekkon nada sapappa ya / Suitaishiki na reidy" (Lantis)



 Lucky Star: Ryouzakura Gakuen Sakurafuji Festival" (PS2), etc.


CM Narration

 NTTDoCoMo/Toyota Motors/Otsuka Pharmaceutical/Family Mart/Ajinomoto/Calpis/Ebarra Foods/Shiseido and many others


DVD Narration

Yuri Takano Ayurveda Bijindo

Naomi Takayama's Four Seasons Slow Food

"Chihiro Nishijima Ballet Stretch" and many others



 Aeon Cinema ticket vending machines (ticket issuing machines)

 Narration for Aeon Cinema's trailer title "Cinemans Show

 Narration for the program "Sayonara to Insomnia" in the sleep app "Deep Sleep

 Narration of "Mr. Brown the Baker" in "Picture Books of the World" by popIn Aladdin, etc.


Reading stage

Saori's Storytelling Show" (an event for children featuring storytelling and nursery rhymes)

"Hibiki no Mori no Uta" (collaboration with guitarist and lute player Masaki Kikuchi)

(collaboration with guitarist and lute player Masaki Kikuchi) "Freddy the Leaf", "Ten Nights of Dreams", etc.


(Dialect instruction (Hakata dialect, Kumamoto dialect))

 IWATANI cassette stove commercial


Radio personality, CM song, voice logo, various teaching materials, MC, etc.

(OK to show my face, I have experience as an anchor.